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Muscle Activation Technique

Muscle Activation Technique

Muscle Activation Technique (MAT®) is a progressive new style of assessment and correction for limited range of motion, joint instability and muscular imbalances.

What is Muscle Activation Technique?

Developed on principles fundamental to human health, MAT® believes normal human movement requires your muscles ability to contract efficiently. Limited or lost physical performance or pain is often the result when the efficiency of muscle contraction begins to deteriorate.

Your body is built to operate symmetrically on both sides. By comparing range of motion left to right, the muscle activation technique can effectively evaluate your body’s ability to develop competent muscle contractions.

Potentially weak or injured muscles can be identified by our Comparative Assessment of Mobility when movement is found to be asymmetrical. Our MAT® Specialist then completes further assessment to determine if those muscles have lost the ability to contract efficiently.

When a muscle reaches this stage, re-activation techniques are utilized to restore efficiency through the application of precise forces. Increases to range of motion and the accompanied improvements in muscle contraction efficiency are monitored through a built in system of accountability.

Who is Muscle Activation Technique For?

Here are just a few of the people MAT® has helped: Testimonials

The real answer is Muscle Activation Technique is suitable for all of our clientele at Action Sports Clinic. From Elite Athletes to Weekend Warriors.

How MAT® Helps Athletes

  • Recover from competitive stress
  • Injury prevention
  • Train more efficiently
  • Reach optimal athletic performance

The function of MAT® is to treat the muscle weakness or imbalance before an injury occurs. Conventional post injury therapy focuses on the symptom and often the underlying cause is not properly addressed. Improved mechanics combined with symmetrical, pain-free, motion makes all the difference.

Optimal Performance For Everyone

From clinical rehabilitation or personal training environments, Muscle Activation Techniques will help you achieve optimal performance to complete your daily activities with ease.

Our MAT® Certified Specialist is trained to strengthen and restore function to weak muscles through the application of several different force techniques.

Every client is unique and treated as such, every session is different. Compensation patterns and weakness in muscular structure are identified as our specialist listen’s to your body’s responses.

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Other Common Questions About MAT®

What Are The Goals of The Muscle Activation Technique?

  • Determine whether or not the brain is properly signalling to your muscles to contract when necessary
  • Identify which muscles are not receiving neural input by performing range of motion tests
  • Improve the stability of your joints by reactivating muscles and their ability to contract on demand
  • Provide a checks and balances system to make sure that any time mobility is increased, there is appropriate input and therefore contraction during this motion

How Do I Know If I Have Weak Muscle?

A common indication that you may have a weak muscle is that something just doesn’t feel right. Often presented as tension, instability or joint pain. Muscle weakness can present as pain or tightness as well, such as aching knees/joints, tight lower back, hamstrings, etc…

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What Causes Muscle Weakness?

Muscle weakness can be caused by a host of circumstances including overuse, trauma or stress. When you exercise, there is a period of exertion and then recovery. It is normal to feel fatigue. When there is trauma, stress or overuse, the muscle may not recover until properly rested. If this is habitual, (i.e. sitting at the computer for hours per day, over the course of many years) then the result can be muscle weakness.

Our central nervous system detects various forms of stress and as a defence mechanism, inhibits the ability of muscles to contract. When a particular set of muscles contract or shorten, the opposing or antagonist muscles lengthen. In contrast, the lengthening muscles may lose their ability to lengthen because the opposite muscles cannot contract.

Your body produces a protection mechanism to keep the body from moving into a position of weakness or vulnerability. A sudden trauma to the body may also cause a muscle to become weakened, such as slipping on ice and moving into an extreme range of motion suddenly. Our goal is to eliminate this “tightness” by simply restoring your muscle’s ability to contract.

At MAT® we say, “Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness.” If you can correct the weakness, then most times you can eliminate the tightness.

How Do I Know?

We recommend that you visit our qualified MAT® Specialist and have him do a thorough assessment. Our MAT® Specialist is highly skilled and trained with over 300 individual muscle tests to determine not only which muscles may be weakened, but also which specific fibers of these muscles.

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Can’t I Correct Muscle Weakness With Training?

The answer is – maybe. If you have muscles that have been weakened due to prolonged stress or sudden trauma, then moving them into a position of vulnerability (contraction) may result in other muscles taking over or compensating. This leads to the weak muscles staying weak and the strong muscles getting stronger. This can lead to joint deterioration and chronic problems like tendonitis and arthritis due to imbalanced forces acting on the joint. The best course of action is to properly assess which specific motions are limited and which muscles are weakened and then to take a course of action to improve your muscle function.

MAT® can tell you which muscles are weak, and then give you the tools to improve these weaknesses, so that you can get back to participating in the sports/activities that you enjoy from a position of strength.

So MAT® is A Type of Exercise?

Yes! MAT® is a precise and focused exercise process that can be used as an adjunct to any number of other exercise processes. MAT® can help an individual prepare for exercise, help someone sustain an exercise program and support rehabilitation for certain conditions when deemed appropriate by medical providers.

How Long Will I Need To Do The Exercises?

We recommend that you do the exercises two to three times per day for two weeks to restore the connection of a weakened muscle. Of course this varies with every individual. If you are continuing with the activity that contributed to the problem in the first place, it may be wise to discontinue this activity for a period of time and allow the body to heal. The exercises should help you to restore the connection and return to your normal exercise routine safely.

What’s The Next Step?

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