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Running Assessments

Individualized Running Assessments are essential for any runner, novice or competitive, looking to overcome injury, improve running performance, and/or prevent injury recurrence.Action Sports Clinic - Running Assessments

Our Running Specialists are all avid runners who have completed specialist training via The Running Clinic. They all have a varied running experience including marathons, half marathons, triathlons, duathlons, trail races, and collegiate athletics. They combine their personal running knowledge with their background in physiotherapy (specifically biomechanical analysis) to address Failed Load Transfer, Muscle Imbalance, and Joint Restriction. They strive to identify the injured tissue, determine the root cause, and provide appropriate treatment to correct, restore, and improve running mechanics.

The Running Assessment is comprised of the following:

Subjective History
-Current medical complaint
-Pain behavior
-Past medical history
-Running history

Objective History
-Active Range of Motion / Passive Range of Motion
-Accessory mobility tests
-Strength/Length/Neurological/Special tests

Functional Running Assessment
-Foot strike pattern

-Specific exercise prescription
-Educational tips for improving running efficiency
-Modification strategies of current running pattern
-Application of appropriate physiotherapy treatment modality